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Weather Pulse 2.10.7 brings you information about the Weather in a zone
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Weather Pulse 2.10.7 is a program that brings you information about the Weather in a chosen zone.
Weather Pulse achieves this by retrieving information from The Weather Channel site.

The program lets you watch satellite images and video from around the globe, share images with your friends and family, or simply stay updated on current and expected weather conditions.

While installing the program, the setup will ask you which city do you want Weather Pulse to display the weather info. You can input the name of the city or your zip code.

Then, the program will minimize to the task bar, showing you the temperature and weather conditions (cloudy, sunny, etc.) Putting the mouse over the temperature reading, the program will display where are you watching, your state, the weather condition in that area, the temperature, winds, humidity and pressure.

If you maximize the window you will be able to view the current conditions in more detail, request a 10-Day, Hourly or Detailed Forecast, watch satellite images, videos (from and severe weather alerts.

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  • It´s an easy to use and free program to access weather information


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